OPO Info

OPOs, tissue banks, recovery organizations, and medical professionals have the unique opportunity to walk alongside families and help them create a lasting legacy for an infant whose life will be brief. Neonatal donation has many delicate factors to consider.

As a tool for the professionals who assist in donation, we have created a special page which discusses some of these factors, provides insight into helping families, gives unique resources, provides printable tools, and offers networking opportunities. We, the founders of Purposeful Gift, also share a video presentation of our son’s story and our journey with donation.

We have made this a private and password protected page due to the content. If you are a professional who assists with donation and would like access to this page, please contact us using an e-mail address connected with your organization. In the e-mail please state that you are interested in the “OPO resource page” (serving all professionals, not just OPOs) and we will send you the link and password. We typically respond within 24 hours.

We look forward to providing insight as you serve these special families.