About Us

Purposeful Gift was established in July 2013 by Bethany Conkel and her husband, Eric, after the loss of their son, Amalya Nathaniel, in September 2012. Eric and Bethany fought hard to find a way for their son to participate in donation after he passed. It was a rough journey, but in the end, donation happened!

Special thanks to the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency for creating this video.

The goal of Purposeful Gift is to make the donation process easier for families in the future by offering accurate information in regards to various types of donation, as well as providing resources and support to families as they walk through their journey. Purposeful Gift firmly believes that each life has intrinsic value and great importance regardless of whether a family pursues donation or not. Donation is just one of many ways to honor a life and help establish a lasting legacy. Although organ and tissue donation is the focus of this website, and very dear to our hearts, we would be honored to offer encouragement and support to any family facing a terminal diagnosis regardless of their donation desires.

Since donating, Eric and Bethany have been blessed by multiple opportunities to speak across the United States, addressing both the medical community and organ recovery community to help raise awareness about the importance of neonatal organ donation and give insight in how to work with neonatal donor families. Some of the organizations Eric and Bethany have presented for include:The International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine, The American Association of Tissue Banks, and several individual organ procurement organizations across the United States.

Bethany has helped various organizations establish protocol and guidelines for neonatal programs and for working with bereaved donor families. She is a member of the MTF Donor Family Council. She is also active in the infant loss community in a variety of ways. In January 2014 Bethany earned her Birth and Bereavement Doula certificate through StillBirthday.com and also became a doula with Sufficient Grace Ministries. Bethany also serves as a regional coordinator for Sufficient Grace Ministries, working with both families and health care providers in her community. She has been blessed to serve families experiencing a loss at many different gestational ages. Bethany also writes for the infant loss blog All That Love Can Do and has contributed several articles to The Mighty.

Eric and Bethany were married in July 2007 and live in Ohio. Bethany has a degree in Special Education and taught for many years. Eric is pursuing his third degree, A Doctorate of Physical Therapy. The couple has go on to have two healthy baby girls since the passing of their son. Eric and Bethany enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with family. They are actively involved in their church and are outspoken about their faith.

Purposeful Gift is not designed to provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, or a promise of donation. We do our best to provide up to date information regarding multiple types of donation, but please be aware that each state has different guidelines for donation. We highly recommend consulting your local OPO for information specific to your situation. The websites, organizations, resources, ministries, and support groups listed on this website do not necessarily represent the views and/or beliefs of Purposeful Gift, and being included as a resource does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by Purposeful Gift.

Purposeful Gift is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving families and organ procurement organizations. Purposeful Gift is not involved in the direct recovery or placement process of any organ, tissue, or whole body donations. Rather, we help families connect to the correct organizations who can meet these needs depending on their specific situation.