AMALYA – A Documentary of Love, Life, and Donation

It was a cold day in January when I got a phone call from one of our friends at IIAM (International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine – the organization who placed Amalya’s donations with various researchers) asking what I thought about the idea of turning Amalya Nathaniel’s story into a documentary.

Are you serious??? My initial shock was followed by excitement. Then questions. Then a little fear and trepidation. Then more excitement.

After talking with my husband, we decided that, yes, we would be willing to share our story and our son with others in a new way.

Before I knew it, it was March and a producer was walking up our sidewalk to meet us and film our story. To be honest, I felt intimidated, inadequate, and vulnerable. I was getting ready to relive our story in front of a camera and did not know if I could truly express how special our journey had been. Yet, I knew in all things our Lord is faithful. After all, our Amalya Nathaniel is a “Work of the Lord, Given by God”, so all I needed to do was be open and let the Lord do the rest.

After 2 full days of filming, it was over.

Then the waiting began. The producer had the job of taking 2 days worth of footage and cutting it down to under 10 minutes (I’m so glad I did not have to be part of that process). A few months later we were able to view the final product. Talk about a surreal moment. And yes, I cried.

I’m so very blessed to be able to share with you our film. Although there was no way to capture every aspect of our story, the film focuses on the love we had for our boy, how we celebrated his life, why we wanted to participate in donation, and what has come of his precious gifts.

And now, I would like you to sit back and enjoy AMALYA

Amalya Nathaniel

Photography by EJ Fleck, Bella Baby Photographer

Special thanks to our friends at IIAM, MTF, The Human Story, and Organize for all the hard work that went into creating this film.


AMALYA – A Documentary of Love, Life, and Donation — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for this. 21 years ago I looked into donating Kristina’s body but they only wanted her eye corneas and heart valves. We chose to embalm instead. I love this short movie. Thank you again. Amalya lives on in my heart and so many other’s because you chose to share him with the world. hugs.

    • Maria, Thank you so much for all the kind words, encouragement, and love. I’m sorry you were not able to donate Kristina’s body like you had desired, but I want to thank you for looking into that option 21 years ago and laying the groundwork for those who came after you. <3

  2. I tried to donate my little Courtney’s organs, back in 1979, but at that time the medical field wouldn’t accept any organs from an anecephalic baby. Hugs to you.

  3. Karen, Thank you for doing what you could to donate Courtney’s organs. I’m sorry you were not able to fulfill that desire. We are so thankful that things are changing in the medical world and that our babies are now able to donate. Thank you for what you did back then to lay a foundation for today.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know the hurt of having a baby with anencephaly. My baby was stillborn very early. I couldn’t donate, but I would have so he would not have died in vain.