Joy For a Friend

This afternoon I was thrilled to receive a message from one of my dear anencephaly mom friends. She had her son back in 2010. After her son passed he was able to participate in donation for research. Since then she has been able to learn how several of her son’s gifts were used; specifically, she was able to learn how her sons eyes were used. She was even able to meet the researchers who received his eyes and worked with them.
Yesterday she learned that a study was published on 3/2/12 which contained direct information used from her son’s gift. Some of the photos published in the study were most likely photos of cells taken from his eyes. My heart is filled with JOY for my friend. Although her son passed away several years ago and did not have the life that parents dream of for their children, he has had a HUGE impact on the world. People are being touched in a very real way due to his gifts.
Stories like this are the reason I promote donation with such passion. What an amazing “Proud Momma” moment this must have been for her! Again, my heart is filled with joy because of her son’s gifts and the legacy that he has due to donation.

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