Stepping Out…

I am excited to share that after months of debate, avoidance, and procrastination, I have finally stepped out and shared Amalya’s story on two different infant loss websites. Although I love talking about my son and sharing him with others, writing is always a struggle for me (especially if it is something formal that I know lots of people might view). But, thanks to some unexpected days off of teaching due to bitter cold and snow, I finally sat down and wrote out his story. Despite my aversion to writing, I feel it is important to share our story so that it might encourage other families who are walking this road and possibly give them hope. I also want to bring glory to the Lord through the work He did.

Today Amalya’s story is being featured on the blog All That Love Can Do. This amazing blog was started by a mother who lost her sweet little boy, Samuel shortly after birth. Her bog has tons of resources for families who are carrying to term after receiving a fatal diagnosis. The love and empathy this mother has for others can clearly be felt through her website. I highly recommend it as a resource for any family carrying to term.

Amalya’s story was also added to the website This is my favorite anencephaly website because the sheer amount of information that it has – it is truly a wealth of knowledge for families who have received this diagnosis. This site was also started by a mother who carried to term after learning her daughter had anencephaly. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to know more about this condition. Amalya’s story was the 92nd story added to the website!

Thank you to the web hosts of both sites for adding Amalya’s story and allowing me to share with others how the Lord did an incredible worth through my boy.

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