A New Resource for a New Year

Happy 2015!!!

We thought we would get the year off to a good start by unveiling our newest resource: The Neonatal Donation Fact Sheet For Medical Professionals. We have been told several times by families that it would be helpful to have a one page fact sheet about donation that could be given to their medical care team to help explain what is currently available for potential neonatal donors. Other families have told us they wish they could go back to the medical professional who told them donation was not an option and give them correct information for future families. After receiving this input we decided it was time to create this much needed document. We were blessed to partner with several professionals in the donation world who gave valuable insight and helped us create this document.

If you are a family currently carrying to term after a terminal diagnosis and are considering donation, feel free to print this fact sheet and give it to your medical team. If you are a family who had previously been given misinformation about donation, feel free to print this fact sheet and give it to the medical professional who may need more information about neonatal donation options.

We hope this will be a valuable tool in raising awareness about what is possible for our tiny babies and that those who serve our families will have a greater understanding of donation options.

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