Compatible With Love

Incompatible with life.

Sadly, these are the words that parents hear all too often when they receive a life-limiting or terminal diagnosis for their baby. These words cut like a knife.

How can the sweet baby kicking inside of me, the amazing little person I see moving on the ultrasound, the one who has already stolen my heart, not be compatible with life? Isn’t this baby already alive?

Questions like these fill the minds of parents as they try to comprehend the term that was given to define their child’s condition. Often, following the delivery of this diagnosis, comes the word “terminate”. After all, why should a pregnancy be continued if the baby is not compatible with life?

Families have finally taken a stand against this harsh diagnosis, and this week a meeting is taking place in Geneva with the United Nations to end the use of the term “incompatible with life.” Our sweet babies, regardless of diagnosis, have life — even if that life is limited to the time in the womb — they are still alive. Often, our babies defy the diagnosis and live for seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or years after being born! They are indeed compatible with life.

You can read more about the push to end the term “incompatible with life” by clicking here.

You can also join the efforts by signing a petition by clicking here.

As all mothers who have experienced a diagnosis like this, regardless of the labels, regardless of the definitions, regardless of the diagnosis, we know that our babies are COMPATIBLE WITH LOVE!

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Compatible With Love

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