What Should I Ask?

Pursing organ, eye, tissue, or whole body donation after receiving a terminal diagnosis for your baby can be overwhelming. For many families, this is the first real encounter they have ever had when it comes to donation, besides maybe registering as a donor at the BMV. Knowing how to start the process can be difficult and very emotional.

So, how do you start? Who do you contact? What should you ask?

Parents come to us all the time with these questions. And, to be honest, when we first began our donation journey we had the same questions.

In hopes of making the process a little easier, we created a document called Questions To Ask Your OPO. This form will guide you through questions to ask when you contact your Organ Procurement Organization and gives you space to record the answers that you are given. Obviously this form will not cover every questions that you may want to ask, but it will help you start the process and ensure that key information is covered in the conversation with your OPO to help you make an informed decision about donation.

We also would encourage you to check out the other forms we have created which are  found on our Resource Page. All of our forms and documents have been designed with parents in mind with the hopes of making the process a little easier.

To learn more about pursuing donation for your baby, we encourage you to visit our Donation Steps page, or feel free to contact us with questions.

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